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The Rebels Girls Cross Country team participated Saturday October 28 in the IHSA Class 1A Oregon Sectional. The Girls finished 8th in the team race out of 22 teams bettering last year's 12th place finish. The top 5 teams advanced to the State Meet next Saturday (Nov. 4th) at Detweiller Park in Peoria. The top 7 girls not on one of the 5 advancing teams also get to advance to the State Meet. The Rebels' Olivia Frail (16th - 20:47) just missed advancing by 5 seconds as she was the 8th runner on a non-advancing team. Brooke Rennick (19th - 20:59), Alli Dennison (78th - 22:44), Josie Price (82nd - 22:54) and Ashleigh Williams (96th - 23:17) along with Olivia were the 5 scorers for the team. Lena Becker (98th - 23:30) and Trinity Shimmin (103rd - 23:29) also ran for the Girls. Ashley and Trinity both set their new PB (Personal Best) at this race. The Girls had a 2 minute and 42 second gap between Olivia and Trinity, their smallest gap of the season between their top 7 runners. Although no one advanced to the State Meet the Girls had a tremendous season. The four seniors will be missed (Miranda Bessler, Alli Dennison, Brooke Rennick and Ashleigh Williams) but the returning 5 Girls will form a good nucleus to keep the Girls Cross Country tradition rolling next year.

The Rebels Cross Country teams made the trip to Seneca on Saturday (Oct. 21) for the Class 1A Regional. The Girls advanced to next week's Oregon Sectional by finishing 3rd out of 12 teams. In the Girls race, Brooke Rennick was the over-all Champion finishing 1st with a time of 20:40 over the very tough course. Brooke was followed by teammates Alli Dennison (15th - 22:59), Josie Price (22nd - 23:30), Olivia Frail (24th - 23:40) and Lena Becker (26th - 23:50) to round out the scoring. Also finishing for the Girls were Ashleigh Williams (33rd - 24:05) and Trinity Shimmin (36th - 24:16). The Girls race had 81 finishes. On the Boys side, none of the 4 Rebel boys advanced. Riley Down (24th - 18:50) just missed advancing by 13 seconds. Trevor Shimmin (43rd - 19:36), Dawson Dyken (75th - 21:38) and Caden Daum (83rd - 22:21) were the other Rebel finishers. The Boys race had 90 finishers.

The Rebels Cross Country teams went to Detwiller Park for the Peoria Heights Invite Saturday (Oct. 14). Just before the Girls race was to begin at 1:00 PM, lightening was detected so the course was cleared for a minimum 30 minute delay. As the course was being cleared a downpour erupted. The officials decided to restart the meet at 1:45 PM with the Varsity Girls and Boys running together hoping to beat the next round of storms. With the course having standing water in some place and being slippery and muddy times for the most part were much slower than normal. The Girls were running without 3 of the their top runners finished 25th out of 34 full teams. Brooke Rennick, Olivia Frail and Josie Price sat this meet out to rest. Alli Dennison (75th - 22:17) stepped up to lead the Girls. Finishing after Alli for the Girls were Trinity Shimmin (132nd - 23:33), Lena Becker (153rd - 24:08), Ashleigh Williams (155th - 24:10), Sarah Fairfield (242nd - 27:33) and Miranda Bessler (263rd - 29:00). Ashleigh and Trinity's times were PB which was quite an accomplishment with the course conditions. The Boys had 4 runner this week with the return of Caden Daum. Trevor Shimmin (116th - 18:28) once again led the Boys with Riley Down (146th - 18:57), Dawson Dyken (223rd - 20:33) and Caden Daum (270th - 22:03) following. There was 288 finishers in the Girls race and 317 in the Boys race. This meet was the last meet of the regular season for the Rebels.

The Rebels Cross Country teams participated in the LTC meet on Thursday October 5 at the Dunes golf course in Kewanee. The Girls who were the defending champions came up 3rd this year. For the second meet in a row, Brooke Rennick (3rd - 20:27) was first to finish for the Girls earning All-Conference honors. She was followed by Josie Price (12th - 22:08), Alli Dennison (13th - 22:43), Lena Becker (14th - 22:59), Olivia Frail (15th - 23:12), Trinity Shimmin (22nd - 24:02), Ashleigh Williams (26th - 25:12), Sarah Fairfield (30th - 26:40) and Miranda Bessler (32nd - 26:51). On the Boys side, injuries has knock the team down to just 3 runners. Trevor Shimmin (11th - 18:25) just missed All-Conference by 1 place. Riley Down (15th - 18:39) and Dawson Dyken (37th - 21:06) were the other two finishers for the Boys.

The Rebels Cross Country teams went to Elmwood for the Elmwood/Brimfield Invite and took advantage of temperature 20 to 25 degrees cooler than last week at the Kewanee Invite to set a bunch of new Personal Best. With only 4 Boys running the Boys were not able to get a team score. But that didn't stop them from setting 3 new personal best. Trevor Shimmin (65th - 18:08) led the way followed by Riley Down (84th - 18:37), Dawson Dyken (116th - 20:09) and Brett Browning (125th - 20:36). The Girls team finished 6th at the Invite. Brooke Rennick (12th - 19:33) was first across the finish for the Girls with Olivia Frail (15th - 19:38) close behind. Josie Price (45th - 21:31), Alli Dennison (59th - 21:55) and Lena Becker (79th - 22:46) were the other three scorers for the Girls. Trinity Shimmin (95th - 23:47), Ashleigh Williams (130th - 26:19), Sarah Fairfield (132nd - 26:32) and Miranda Bessler (140th - 27;08) also ran for the Girls. Five Girls set new personal best and one tied her best. There were 163 Girls finishers and 169 Boys finishers.

New Uniforms
New Uniforms Premiered At E/B Invite

Larry - The New Rebels XC Mascot

The Rebel Girls team moved up 1 spot in this week's Class 1A Girls poll. has ranked the Girls 23th in the state in their week 4 Class 1A Girls poll. Class 1A Girls - Week 4 Rankings

The Rebels Cross Country teams have been assigned to the Class 1A Seneca Regional on Saturday October 21. Teams and individuals advancing from this Regional will go to the Oregon Sectional on Saturday October 28.

The Rebels Cross Country teams went to Baker Park in Kewanee Saturday (Sept. 23) morning for the Kewanee Invite. With the temperature in the low 80's at the start of the Invite to near 90 at the end of the Invite, times were a lot slower than normal for all participants. The Rebel Girls (24th ranked) finished 2nd in the team event 2 points behind #23 ranked Amboy-LaMoille. Three members of the Rebels Girls team got trophies for finishing in the top 20. The trophy recipients were Olivia Frail (2nd - 20:52)), Brooke Rennick (3rd - 21:04) and Josie Price (11th -23:13). Also scoring for the Girls were Alli Dennison (23rd - 24:39) and Trinity Shimmin (28th - 25:01). Lena Becker (32nd - 25:52), Ashleigh Williams (48th - 27:38), Miranda Bessler (59th - 29:47) and Sarah Fairfield (64th - 30:11) also ran for the Girls. On the Boys side, the Rebels had 4 running led by Riley Down (29th - 20:28) followed by Trevor Shimmin (33rd - 20:46), Dawson Dyken (39th - 21:20) and Brett Browning (54th - 22:57). Browning was running his first race of the year for the Boys.

The Rebels Cross Country teams went to Baker Park in Kewanee Tuesday (Sept. 19) for a 7 team meet hosted by Kewanee. The Rebel Girls finished 2nd just 2 points behind Bureau Valley (34 - 36). The Girls got a 2nd place and a 3rd place out of Olivia Frail (20:59) and Brooke Rennick (21:26). Josie Price (9th - 24:15), Alli Dennison (12th - 24:26) and Lena Becker (16th - 25:21) rounded out the scorers for the Girls. Also finishing for the Girls were Trinity Shimmin (17th - 25:35), Miranda Bessler (25th - 28:39), Ashleigh Williams (26th - 28:54) and Sarah Fairfield (27th - 29:00). Due to injuries, The Rebel Boys are down to three runners. Riley Down (13th - 20:42) was the first to finish for the Boys followed by Dawson Dyken (16th - 20:45) and Trevor Shimmin (18th - 20:49).

For the first time in school history, the Rebel Girls team is mentioned in the State Rankings. The ILXCTF has ranked the Girls 24th in the state in their week 3 Class 1A Girls poll.

ILXCTF Class 1A Girls - Week 3 Rankings

The Rebels Cross Country teams made the trip to Walnut Saturday (Sept. 16) morning for the Bureau Valley Invite. On a much warmer morning than last week, the Rebels Boys got a very good run by Trevor Shimmin (77th - 19:32). Riley Down (90th - 19:51) was next to finish followed by Dawson Dyken (119th - 20:52) and Caden Daum (180th - 23:48). The Rebels girls finished 7th place overall. Olivia Frail (10th - 20:23) and Brooke Rennick (11th - 20:26) got trophies for finishing in the Top 30. Alli Dennison (57th - 23:06), Josie Price (69th - 23:28) and Trinity Shimmin (111th - 24:56) rounded out the scorers for the Girls. Also running for the Girls were Lena Becker (127th - 25:19), Ashleigh Williams (170th - 27:56), Sarah Fairfield (178th - 28:17) and Miranda Bessler (206th - 29:34). Thirty-four teams participated in the meet with 232 Girls finishers and 206 Boys Varsity finishers.

The Rebels Cross Country teams went to Princeville Thursday (Sept. 14) afternoon for the 5 team Princeville Invite. The Rebel Girls came home from the meet as the winning team. The Girls were once again were led by their 1-2 punch of Olivia Frail (1st - 20:00) and Brooke Rennick (2nd - 20:00) who finished together. Josie Price (10th - 24:01) and Alli Dennison (11 - 24:01) came in together next for the Rebels. Trinity Shimmin (20th - 24:48) got the last scoring spot for the Girls followed by Lena Becker (24th - 25:06), Ashleigh Williams (33rd - 27:24) and Sarah Fairfield (27th - 28:44). The Boys had only 4 runners in the their race but managed to place 3 in the top ten. Riley Down (8th - 19:42) was the first Boys finisher followed by Dawson Dyken (9th - 19:53), Trevor Shimmin (10th - 19:56) and Caden Daum (36th - 23:43).

The Rebels Cross Country teams took advantage of a cool September morning to set Personal Best times by 11 out of the 12 runners that participated in the First To Finish meet at Detweiller Park in Peoria Saturday morning. In the Class 1A Girls run, the Rebels Girls finished 18th out of 44 full teams (at least 5 runners). Olivia Frail led the way for the Girls (15th - 19:12) followed by Brooke Rennick (25th - 19:30), Alli Dennison (139th - 22:06), Josie Price (187th - 22:42), Trinity Shimmin (269th - 23:47), Lena Becker (318th - 24:42), Sarah Fairfield (375th - 26:33) and Miranda Bessler (380th - 26:56). There were 461 finishers in Class 1A Girls run. Olivia and Brooke received medals for finishing in the top 25. The Rebels Boys were one runner short of a full team as only 4 ran today's race. In the Class 1A Boys run, Dawson Dyken (295th - 19:26) edged out Riley Down (297th - 19:26) by two tenth of a second. Trevor Shimmin (390th - 20:30) and Caden Daum (480th - 21:53) rounded out the Rebel. There were 590 finishers in the Class 1A Boys run.

It was a historic night for the Rebel Boys Cross Country team as for the first time in school history the Boys received a team score. It takes at least 5 runners to garner a team score and the Rebels had 5 boys competing in today's Invite. First in for the Boys was Trevor Shimmin (31st - 19:46) followed by Riley Down (40th - 20:23), Dawson Dyken (41st - 20:24), Noah Gibson (63rd - 22:34) and Caden Daum (75th - 23:40). The Rebel Girls finished third overall behind Geneseo and Annawan/Wethersfield. First across the finish line for the Girls was Brooke Rennick (6th - 20:16) followed by Olivia Frail (9th - 20:40), Josie Price (24th - 23:14), Alli Dennison (28th - 23:31), Trinity Shimmin (45th - 25:18), Lena Becker (46th - 25:20), Sarah Fairfield (64th - 27:29), Ashleigh Williams (68th - 27:58) and Miranda Bessler (72nd - 28:22).

First Rebels Boys Team
First Rebels Boys Team

Annawan/Wethersfield Invite - 3rd Place
Annawan/Wethersfield Invite - 3rd Place

After getting postponed on Monday, the Rebels Cross Country teams opened their 2017 season Tuesday (August 22) at the Farmington Invite. The Rebel girls brought home the first place plaque edging Annawan/Wethersfield by 4 points. Four Rebels finished in the top 15 to receive medals led by Olivia Frail (2nd place - 19:51) followed closely by Brooke Rennick (3rd - 20:10), Alli Dennison (12th - 23:21) and Josie Price (14th - 23:45). Rounding out the 7 member team were Trinity Shimmin (27th - 26:31), Lena Becker (29th - 26:47) and Miranda Bessler (40th - 29:05). In the Boys race, the Rebel had 3 runners participating led by Trevor Shimmin (21st - 20:11), Dawson Dyken (26th - 20:34) and Caden Daum (48th - 25:06). In the Co-ed open race Ashleigh Williams and Sarah Fairfield participated but no times were available for them.

Farmington Invite Champions


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Tuesday August 22
Farmington Invite
@ Farmington
4:00 PM

Monday August 28
A/W Titans Invite
@ Kewanee (Dunes G.C.)
4:30 PM

Saturday September 9
First to Finish
@ Peoria (Detweiller Park)
9:00 AM

Thursday September 14
vs. Princeville
@ Princeville
4:30 PM

Saturday September 16
Bureau Valley Invite
@ Walnut (Bureau Valley North JH)
9:30 AM

Tuesday September 19
vs. Kewanee
@ Kewanee (Baker Park)
4:30 PM

Saturday September 23
Kewanee Invite
@ Kewanee (Baker Park)
9:30 AM

Saturday September 30
Elmwood/Brimfield Invite
@ Elmwood (Maple Lane C.C.)
9:30 AM

Thursday October 5
Lincoln Trail Conference Meet
Hosted by United
@ Kewanee (Dunes G.C.)
4:30 PM

Saturday October 14
Peoria Heights Invite
@ Peoria (Detweiller Park)
1:00 PM

Saturday October 21
IHSA Class 1A Regional
Hosted by Seneca HS
@ Seneca (Ag Lab)
10:00 AM

Saturday October 28
IHSA Class 1A Sectional
Hosted by Oregon
@ Oregon (Oregon Park West)
10:00 AM

Saturday November 4
IHSA Class 1A State Finals
@ Peoria (Detweiller Park)
9:00 AM